Program Structure and Academic Degree

Modul 1: Introduction to Communication Theory and Research (18 ECTS)

The module Introduction to Communication Theory and Research teaches students of the basics of communication research. Master students in Communication Science will get to know the following empirical research areas: "Media & Politics", "Strategic Communication" and "Journalism and Society". After completion of the module students will be able to nominate current research issues in the selected thematic areas and identify potential research gaps. Beyond that students will be provided with academic skills courses on presentation and data visualisation skills, manuscript preparation, international communities and conferences and the peer review process.

Modul 2: Introduction to Communication Research Methods (12 ECTS)

In the second compulsory module students will gain a basic understanding of  central data collection and analysis methods of communication research. This qualifies students to select and plan appropriate research designs for different types of research issues. In sum, students acquire knowledge about the importance of an appropriate and convenient research design for a successful implementation of research projects.

Modul 3: Advanced Data Analysis (15 ECTS)

The module Advanced Data Analysis provides students with the opportunity to gain knowledge in advanced qualitative and quantitative data analysis. In various courses, students will learn how to use different analytical methods efficiently.

Modul 4 & 5: Research Projects 1 (20ECTS) & Research Project 2 (25 ECTS)

The Research Projects usually consist of 10 to 15 students, thus allowing to create a classroom environment, which stimulates learning and meets students' academic needs. In small groups with high degree of closeness and support participants will learn to plan and prepare research projects in two of the three thematic areas: Media & Politics, Strategic Communication or Journalism & Society. After successful completion of this module, they will be able to independently conduct their own research project for the master Thesis.

Academic degree

Graduates of the master program Communication Science are awarded the academic degree "Master of Science" - abbreviated MSc. In the case of leadership, this academic degree must be reproduced by name.