Student and Faculty Testimonials

"Our master's program in Communication Science offers you a unique opportunity to study at one of the leading departments for communication research in Europe. The key trademark of our program is that you will be actively involved in rigorous research projects closely working with distinguished faculty members who regularly publish in the top outlets of our discipline. We offer a fascinating and challenging curriculum on pressing questions at the intersection of media and society bringing together a diverse group of students from all over the world who will develop their full potential as scientists and professionals."

Jörg Matthes, Director of the Department of Communication

"I chose the master’s program in Communication Science at the University of Vienna, because it’s one of the very few research focused Communication Studies programs in Europe. I like that we have the possibility to conduct our own research projects in the second and third semester and enjoy being in a small and very international group of students, which allows for super interesting and valuable insights." 

Carolin Eicher, alumna of the Communication Science Master's program

"Coming to Vienna for the master's program is a decision I don't regret. Gaining expertise in research, conducting diverse studies,  being part of an international learning environment while living in a stunning city -  these are just some of my personal highlights. This program and everything it entails has expanded my future options for my professional and academic career."

Mirjana Ucur, alumna of the Communication Science Master's program

"This master program is designed perfectly for anyone looking to acquire deeper knowledge in journalism, public relations, politics and marketing. I have learned a lot so far, especially how to design and
conduct my own research and improved my analytical skills. Thanks to great professors who are all internationally renowned intellectuals and academics we have had many interesting guest lecturers by professionals from all over the world. I find myself applying much of what I learned here in my current work in marketing. Great international class, this program also allows a nice cultural exchange. One of the rare programs specializing in communication and allowing students to conduct their own research projects in the area of their interest. I am very happy to have chosen this masters and would certainly recommend it."

Kristina Tomic, alumna of the Communication Science Master's program

"I look back on my experience with the master's program in Communication Science with a lot of positivity because it has brought me so much. It has given me a strong basis of knowledge and experience that well prepared me for the professional field. Not only did I learn how to work in a structured manner and take different aspects of communication into account, but I also gained confidence in my role as a professional and learned to deliver results most efficiently. I work as a Development Officer at the Diplomatische Akademie Wien (Vienna School of International Studies) and am mainly responsible for the academy's social media and online presence. I still apply the learnings from my study in my everyday work, and I think I have managed well to utilize the benefits of this program to the full extent."

Sybil Bitteralumna of the Communication Science Master's program

"I'm a Brand Manager at the University of Vienna, where I can follow my passion, extend my skills, and profit from well-versed colleagues. The master's program in Communication Science trained me to think critically and analytically. That helps me to find the right strategy for every project."

Anna Kemetmülleralumna of the Communication Science Master's program 

"In my role as a marketing management trainee at L'Oréal Taiwan, I focus on product marketing, new launches, integrated campaigns, and marketing analysis. The master's program in Communication Science significantly sharpened my data analysis skills, which are applicable not just to science but also to market research. Moreover, it expanded my perspective and logical thinking, aiding in tasks like crafting business plans and extracting insightful findings from raw data."

Claire Chang, alumna of the Communication Science Master's program