• Is it possible to do the program part-time?

    No, it is a full-time study.

  • Is it possible to work while studying?

    Yes, it’s possible to work part-time; however, current students and alumni agree that it is not recommended to work during the first semester.

  • What is the difference between MSc Communication Science and MA Publizistik- und Kommunikationswissenschaft in German that is also taught at the department?

    This is a Master of Science (MSc), the German program is Master of Arts (MA). Our MSc program is taught in English only, there are only 40 study places available, and the study is focused on research.

  • Is it possible to have an internship as part of the program?

    No, internships are not part of the curriculum.

  • When do the courses begin?

    The courses begin in October.

  • How long does the study take?

    The program is arranged in 4 semesters, so a minimum of 2 years. You may take longer if you need to.

  • How many students can be accepted each year?

    A maximum of 40 students can be accepted.

  • There are two research projects in the program. Can the research projects be done at a different institution?

    It might be possible if you do an exchange program, but it is not guaranteed, and not recommended. Generally the first three semesters should be done in Vienna, because the research projects are at the core of the Master program.

  • Is it possible to work as a research assistant?

    Yes, research assistant positions are advertised on the university website and among the students.

  • How is the Master Thesis supervisor selected?

    In the second year, you can contact any professor at the department (ideally someone who has taught you in the Master program) and ask them to supervise you.

  • Which methods will be used in the Masters thesis, is it more qualitative or quantitative research?

    You may choose any method.

  • Can one take German classes at the University?

    Yes, however, they are not for free. Read more here: Sprachenzentrum Universität Wien | Sprachenzentrum Uni Wien (univie.ac.at)

  • Where do the graduates of the program work?

    While many of our graduates choose an academic career path and work at various research institutions worldwide, others decide to apply their skills in public relations, marketing, social media management, journalism, advertising, consulting, international relations, and so on.

  • What is the tuition fee?

    Tuition fee depends on your nationality, read more here: Tuition fee (univie.ac.at)

  • Are there grants or scholarships available from the Department?

    No, however, you can learn about financing opportunities in Austria here: Student life (univie.ac.at).

  • What is the approximate cost of living in Vienna?

    It depends on many factors, like housing location and lifestyle. Read more here: Living in Vienna (univie.ac.at).

  • If I need to take extra courses, do I have to pay more?

    No, you simply pay the fixed tuition fee for each semester.

  • If I am admitted, will the department provide an accommodation for me?

    No, you will need to find accommodation and finance it on your own.