Career Profile

The Master Communication Science stimulates cooperative learning and encourages group projects that help students develop a host of skills, important in the research world.

At the end of the program graduates will have in-depth knowledge in the theories and very good skills in methods of empirical research and will be able to plan, implement and evaluate scientific research projects.

The master’s program prepares students for doctoral studies in communication, and research-oriented careers in both the private, and public sectors in the following professional fields:

  • PhD programs in Communication Science or a related area: The master’s program will provide students with a solid foundation in the theoretical and empirical skills needed to pursue an advanced degree anywhere in the world. We provide the students with skills to apply for competitive PhD programs internationally.
  • Market- and survey research: The master’s program provides many of the tools valued in the fields of marketing and survey research. Advance methods classes cover subjects like survey design, implementation and data analysis. Students may also pursue theoretical topics relevant for marketing research, such as consumer behavior and advertising effects.
  • Media and communications consulting: Students interested in careers in communications consulting would benefit from a researcher’s perspective on the processes of the media in politics, practices of professional journalism, or the role of the press in society.
  • Public relations, advertising, and journalism: As the news industry continues to adapt to changes in technology, the areas of public relations, advertising and journalism are in need of job candidates with critical thinking, writing, data analysis, and data visualization skills developed in master’s program.