Visa / residence permit

Based on the country of origin there are different requirements for visa and entry regulations


Citizens of EEA countries (EU + Iceland, Liechtenstein, & Norway) and Switzerland

If sufficient financial means, a valid travel document, and health insurance is provided, citizens of EEA countries and Switzerland do not need a permit to enter and settle in Austria. But, if they reside in Austria for more than 3 months, a residence registration (Meldezettel) and confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) are still required. 

The confirmation of registration has to be submitted to Municipal Department 35 (MA35), division 5.0 in the first four months after entering Austria.

For more information, visit MA35 or OeAD (Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation).


Students from third countries 

Students from a third country (i.e. not from the EU or from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, & Switzerland) who stay in Austria for more than six months have to apply for a "residence permit - student".

For further information and a list of required documents, please visit the OeAD's page on entry regulations for third country nationals.

The form for a residence permit is only available in German. See this page for a further explanation on how to correctly fill out the form. There are two options for submitting the residence permit application:

Option 1: Application in Austria

If your citizenship allows you to enter Austria without a visa or if you enter with a valid visa, you can apply for a "Residence Permit - Student" at the Municipal Department 35 (MA35) in Vienna. The processing of the application may take up to 90 days and the application has to be submitted immeadiately once in Austria. Further, only complete applications will be processed. Open applications do not allow you to remain in Austria longer than specified in your visa-free stay or valid visa. 

Option 2: Application in your country of origin 

If you do not have a valid visa or are not allowed to enter Austria visa-free, you have to apply in person for a "residence permit - student" at the local Austrian representative authority (embassy, consulate general) in your country of residence before travelling to Austria. You should apply at least five months before entering Austria. Once the residence permit has been granted, you may apply for a visa D.

Note: You have to both apply for a visa at the appropriate Austrian authority in your country of origin and, in the next step, collect the issued visa. Please do this before you leave for Vienna so that you can enter Austria legally and obtain your residence permit from MA35.


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