CORONAVIRUS: Emergency operation in research and administration


The University of Vienna stops all operations requiring its members’ attendance at the University and changes to emergency operation as of 16 March. The changes to remote learning remain unaffected.

Update on the university operation WS 20/21








The English-language Master Communication Science started in October 2015.

The Department of Communication at the University of Vienna is one of the largest communication science institutes worldwide. Vienna's geographic and cultural position makes us a hub for numerous international projects in the fields of research and teaching. The department is home to many internationally renowned scholars and research groups, and we also host leading scholars from around the globe throughout the year. 

The new Master in Communication Science provides a broad understanding of communication processes on the individual, organisational, and societal level. By preparing students in the latest research methodologies and theories, the program provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for investigating communication phenomena in a complex media environment. Graduates of the Master will be able to plan, implement and evaluate scientific research on an internationally competitive level.

We are looking for ambitious students who have a strong interest in understanding the significance of communication science with the potential to specialize in one of three areas: Media and Politics, Strategic Communication, and Journalism and Society. Students with an ambition for a career in professional, or academic research are highly encouraged to apply.

  •   Please find more information on the Master program here.