Master's Examination

Master's examination (5 ECTS)

The prerequisite for registration to the master's exam is successful completion of all credits required by the curriculum as well as a positive evaluation of the master's thesis. 

The examination committee consists of three professors: a chairperson, a thesis advisor (first examiner), and a second examiner (all professors who teach any of the master's program courses can be asked to be your second examiner). 

The master's exam consists of the oral presentation of your master's thesis (5 minutes, without slides and any aids), a subsequent discussion with your thesis advisor (10-15 minutes), and a subject-related oral exam with the second examiner (10-15 minutes).

Good luck!

After the Master's Examination

After passing the exam, you don’t need to submit any other documents. You will receive an e-mail as soon as your certificate is ready to pick up at SSC. 

Under normal circumstances, this takes about three to four weeks. The diploma is not delivered by physical mail. If someone else wants to pick up the documents for you, this person needs a power of attorney.

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, digitally signed electronic certificates have been sent to students by SSC.

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