Master thesis

Master Thesis (25 ECTS)

The Master's Thesis serves a proof of ability to handle scientific topics independently, in terms of content and methodology. The task of the master's thesis is to be selected in such a way that it is possible and responsible for the students to complete it within six months.

The topic of the master's thesis can be found in one of the compulsory or alternative compulsory modules. 



Registration of the subject of the Master Thesis

As soon as you have your grade from your mastercourse, you can register your subject of the master thesis. 

·       Print the form "Bekanntgabe Thema und Betreuung der Masterarbeit" two times and sign both sheets. Your supervisor also has to sign both sheets.

·       Please submit both forms, together with form “regulations relating to good scientific practice” to Sonja Weisz (